Product Description

The Codex LED range of surface mounted dimmable down lights with stepped control are all underpinned by the same design rules as our surface mounted range, which include an indirect   (edge lit)  LED light source allied with the highest quality LED chips and a LED driver which allows the power and light out put to be amended to the desired level by the installer, later changes or amendments can be completed by the flick of a switch.

This additional technology allows even the larger downlights to operate smoothly at reduced light and power levels, providing additional savings without the need for complex lighting control systems.

This combination delivers the high levels of efficacy and outstanding light quality which are standard across the Codex range.

All of the Codex recessed and surface mounted down light range can be purchased with full emergency function including indicator light.

The surface mounted series is also available in non dimmable, 1-10v dimmable and emergency version.