2D Intelligent Retrofit LED

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Product Description

We believe The Codex LED range of 2D LED lighting is the best in the UK. This products is the most efficient, controllable and future proof solution currently available. This product allows installers and end users to design their own lighting solutions in accordance with their needs. If for any reason they wish to change the set up after installation then it does not require an electrician to do so.

This product outstrips the competition by some distance and offers complete control with 2 or 3 steps dimming or on / off controls provided by the integral microwave and lux sensors. All of the following functionality is built into this product and can be adjusted or amended by the installer or the end user by simply flicking a switch.

  1. Sensitivity – The microwave sensor can be adjusted to various levels of sensitivity to suit the environment.
  2. Hold Time – The amount of time the light remains in full output before switching off or returning to the required standby dimmed level
  3. Two or three steps dimming
  4. Stand by dimming level – The level of power and light required if the light is to be used to provide constant ambient lighting.
  5. Lux levels at which the light will operate (providing further savings when natural light is available

This market leading 2D LED retrofit replacement operates at an astonishing 10 watt producing 1140 lumen providing an efficacy of 114 Lumen per watt.

The Codex fixing bracket provides a complete refurbishment of existing lighting housings and allows this product to replace other types of existing fluorescent lighting as well as the 2D.

Codex also supplies a plug in emergency module and high specification battery pack that allows any of the 2D LED range to be an emergency light providing in excess of 3hrs light in emergency mode in the event of a power failure.